Our Favorite Star Trek Inspired Google Glass App from MobiU2013 Summit


I joined the Heartland Mobile Council (HMC) almost a year ago for a couple of reasons. My role with their Experience Hall allows me to meet with startups from places, like 1871 which I really enjoy and facilitates my hunt for technologies at the intersection of experiential marketing and mobile marketing. It also lets me stretch out past experiential logistics into concepting and integrating digital and mobile into live events.

My obsession with SparkReel is a result of that search. I met SparkReel helping to integrate them into HMC’s Millenials Event last Spring. I still think SparkReel’s potential in the experiential world is largely untapped. Although based on the interest they are getting from VivaKi, the digital arm of Publicis, it may not be untapped for long.

My favorite presenter at HMC’s MobiU 2013 this year was Patched Reality. Not because it represents the sweet spot between experiential and mobile…well maybe it does. It was my favorite because of the clever app that the founder, Patrick O’Shaughnessey, created for Google Glass.

Patrick actually does augmented reality. He usually does things like making your soda bottle dance for the guys at Pepsi or creating augmented interactives for museum exhibits so kids can interact with the mars rover.

Patrick built his Google Glass app for fun and as a way to explore the potential of the technology.

The game was very intuitive and easy to play. While I was working out the mechanics of the game I realized it was very familiar but I could not place it. I asked Patrick where he got the idea for the game.

It’s the game from Star Trek the Next Generation. The episode where the game takes over everybody on the ship.” I knew I recognized the game from somewhere, geek test passed, I loved “Next Generation.”


The object of the game is to get a disk into a funnel just like in the show. The game controls utilize the motion sensing technology in Google Glass to steer the disk. So to play the game you rock your head around slowly trying to guide the disk. This attempt to steer while concentrating makes the player look a lot like one of the zonked out crew of the Enterprise suffering from a dopamine stimulating mind control device. It’s meta nerd.

The experience was great and the game was very clever and turning the wearer into zombie was awesome. There is a website (thegameonglass.com) if you would like to download the game for your own Google Glass. If you are like me, and everyone else I know, and don’t yet have Google Glass you can download the game for your smartphone to play or just remember the simpler times when Picard ruled space.  You can also wait for the Google Glass Mobile Tour to come to a town near you.

Patrick’s next interest is in 3D projection mapping. We discussed the possibility of projecting a pop-up store or augmenting one of my experiential vehicles in some way. Who knows, maybe we will have it at the next HMC event.

-GV@ Mogulexp

Google Glass mobile Tour kicks off in the “Tarheel State” first stop, Durham. The goal is to allow more people experience the product first hand.

First stop Durham, N.C. The Web giant launches a tour of US cities so that commoners can check out the company’s latest wearable tech. Read this article by Dara Kerr on CNET News.



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Walk Thru Event Trailer

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